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Aggressive / Edgy
Epic / Grand
Intense / Dramatic
Powerful / Driving
Optimistic / Positive
Inspirational / Motivational
Wacky / Experimental
Bright / Upbeat
Funky / Groovy
Fun / Quirky
Light / Feel-good
Laidback / Exotic
Mellow / Chilled
Neutral / Beat Driven
Atmospheric / Spacious
Reflective / Soulful
Mystery / Intrigue
Dark / Melancholic

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Action-&-SportsChilled Groove
Cool BedsCorporate Ambition
Corporate BedsCorporate Visions
Elektric BeatFashion & Fitness Beds
FeelgoodGroovesHappy Beds
Light & SweetMellow Lounge
Peace and MindPositive Plus
Quirky BedsScience & Tech Beds
Storyteller-EmotiveStoryteller - Inspiration
Techno Industrial

Ambient CinematicCinema Melancholia
Cinematic TrailerDark Power
Ambient CinematicMystery & Crime
Storyteller-EmotiveStoryteller - Inspiration
The GuitarThe Piano
Widescreen Cinematic

Abstrakt ElectronicaElectro-Pop
Elektric BeatTechno Industrial

Etnic and World

Abstrakt ElectronicaOut-Side
Quirky Beds

Chilled GrooveCool Beds
Happy BedsLazy Day Beds
Light & SweetMellow Lounge
Of The HeartPeace and Mind
Sentimental BedsThe Guitar
The Piano

Dance FMElectro-Pop
Gimme JazzGot The Blues
Hip HopIndie Anthems
It's FunkRock Hard

The GuitarThe Piano

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