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About us …

Hi, I’m Simon Smart and I’m the founder of Smart Media Music. I’m from the UK, and have been writing music for media for over 20 years, with tracks on the world’s finest music libraries including KPM (APM), Music House (Firstcom) and West One Music (APM). My music has been used on almost all the major European and US networks and placings include The X-Factor, Dr 90210 (E!), America’s Got Talent (NBC), MTV News, True Hollywood Story (E!), French & Saunders (BBC), National Geographic, Carnivale (HBO), Location Location Location (UK Ch4), Ricki Lake Show, Access Hollywood (NBC), Nova (PBS). I have written custom music for BBC and UK Channel 4 for which I co-composed the sonic branding for the station ident. For over 25 years I’ve also worked as a recording and mix engineer with a significant amount of work done at London’s Abbey Road Studios. Credits include Paul Carrack, Jules Shear, Mark Isham, Gary Numan, Gang of Four, Gil Evans, Adam and the Ants, Simon Phillips, John Wetton, Luka Bloom, DJ Encore, Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin, Gary Moore, George Fenton, Colin Blunstone, Harry Nilsson, Steve Harley, Rod Argent, Patrick Doyle, Joshua Kadison, Mike Moran, Soraya, Ezio, Debbie Bonham, The Pretty Things, Gary Husband, Mort Shuman, Mark Almond and many others. I served as chief engineer at the private studios of Mike Moran (Ripe Recordings), Ray Russell (Last Chance) and Rod Argent (The Red House).

Smart Media Music was founded for the purpose of meeting the need for high quality production music with clear and simple licensing options.

As you can see (and hear) we have some highly talented composers, many of whom have been writing to picture for twenty plus years and have a deep understanding of the format. We also have great young talent that are in their early days and are already writing exciting media-friendly music.

The track selection is curated by me personally, and tracks are chosen a) for their sense of story and b) for their production quality. They’re specifically written to meet the needs of Advertising, Film, Broadcast and Web creatives. Even when music is mixed quietly in a production, well produced tracks with a good sense of story will give a production a feeling of depth and quality. The tracks are not mastered for loudness, but rather mastered to retain their dynamic range, so they have the ‘air’ that can get often get lost when loudness processing is used.

We have an easy to use music search engine which is designed to help you find the music you want swiftly. As well as conventional tagging – Genre, Mood, Tempo and Instrumentation – the Playlists are a powerful starting point to find the music you need, especially when used in conjunction with one or two of the tags.

This combination of simple search engine and high quality music will help you find usable music quickly, in a business where time can be expensive.

To add to this we have very simple licensing options, with just four levels of license, all of which have worldwide coverage and are in perpetuity.

We’re growing all the time and we’re always adding new tracks and bringing new musical talent on board. Follow us to get news as soon as new tracks are released.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions – phone 201.257.8867 or email simon@smartmediamusic.com.

Enjoy the music !