It’s all about the music!

“I have to say I am genuinely impressed. The site is user friendly and super fast. You have a HUGE selection and exceptionally well priced. ”

Jax Dyer-Donaldson , Filmworks, Dubai
“Really great stuff! I am going to send your site to a few local directors for when they need great cues for their pictures. The next film project I work on I will also be fighting for your loops, they don’t have that stock music sound.”

Chris Ritter, Local Traffic Only, Toronto, Canada
“Some great stuff on here – I will definitely be shopping for some tracks soon as I have some new projects. I particularly like the darker, slightly industrial stuff.”

James Brown, James Brown Media, San Diego, US
“Everything sounds great and the pricing looks amazing.”

Heath Balderston, Intake Studios, Kansas, US
“I came across the Smart Media Music library a couple years ago. After years of dealing with huge libraries where you have to wade through lots of marginal music to find something you can use, I was immediately impressed with the consistent quality of Smart Media Music’s offerings.”

John Fippin, Magnetic Studios, Ohio US
“Excellent variety and doesn’t feel canned liked what we have used in the past.”

Tony Frerking, American Century, Kansas US
“Your portfolio is quite impressive.”

Steven Spencer-Arscott, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bermuda
“I just listened to Positive Plus. It’s great — and your website is FANTASTIC. Good stuff.”

Elizabeth Malcolm, North Carolina US
“Will keep you in mind for tasty and tasteful electronic music.”

Doug Brody, Heckler Associates, Seattle US
“Great concept, site and tunes.”

Daedalus Howell, C Media, San Francisco US
“We love the work you and team are doing. It will give any video an edge. We will be in touch when we have any potential project.”

Chandana Chowdhury, The Brand Union, Dubai UAE
“Great clips, Nice to get clips of good length without sound watermarks all through it. Easy to navigate site with good search.”

Blake Enting, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland New Zealand
“Cut after cut was excellent and immediately usable. You have a great diversity of styles and instrumentation, and alternate mixes are available for everything. I couldn’t be happier. It’s my first choice whenever stock music is called for.”

John Fippin, Magnetic Studios, Ohio US
“There are very nice tracks in your site and it sounds very fresh”

Alex Candela, Flow, Barcelona Spain